Dream: Chimney Choir Album Release Show 2016

I photographed Denver band, Chimney Choir, at the Mercury Cafe for the release of their new record "(dream)" last November (2016). The evening was... magical. Starting with Devotchka's Tom Hagerman Jazz Blues Explosion and comedians Nathan Lund and Mara Wiles as openers; the band, in conjunction with varied performance artists, put on a production with puppets, dancers, multimedia effects, gummy bears and just about anything else you could dream up. Visual, interactive and beautiful - the gallery below only touches on the wonder that was the evening. The show also was filmed by CPR's OpenAir in conjunction with CPT12 and later released on and youtube

Chimney Choir are doing an encore preformance this April 21st (2017) again at the Mercury Cafe. So if you missed the first one, or want to catch it again, make preparations now.

Thanks and Enjoy. 

Design Babes: Hello Waldo Portraits

I spent a day with the ladies of design firm Hello Waldo ( making portraits and having an overall super rad day. We did a mix of digital and FILM! shots. It's always, always awesome when a client is excited about making some film photographs, especially so when it's on 20 year old expired medium format film shot on my Hasselblad. 

Sara and Saiya really, are designers, though they my come across as models in these photos. So much so they were dubbed babes during the shoot. Give them babes a ring for a logo, they'll design it and can also model it for your upcoming summer collection. 

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed. 

David Alan Harvey: New York Workshop 2016

The beginning of June found me accepted into badass photographer, and all around super cool guy, David Alan Harvey's summer 2016 workshop in New York City. The workshop task was to create a photo essay (of our choosing) during the week we there. It would then be shown as a completed class project the last night of the workshop to a sampling of guests - from the world of photography to our very own friends and family. 

It's taken a while to blog about it. In part, because it's taken a while to process much of it. And, because I feel this is final. It's over now and I don't really want it to be. It was terribly challenging, and incredibly rewarding. I met some inspiring photographers, who continue to move me every day with the work they are sharing. The immersion into photography with my fellow students, David, his guests and his team was deep and bonding; and something I didn't want to leave behind. I'll be watching and I'm excited to see what they move onto and create. 

Below is my essay. I hope you enjoy it. 

"This Is Not My Town, But I Had A Good Time Anyways"

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Jen, And All of Her Hair

Jen and I got together to take some photographs of her hair before it was all chopped off, it was a real fun day. Most of the photographs turned out real cute, some turned out real weird, all of them have a lot more hair than Jen has now. 

King Cardinal

Had a really great shoot with local Denver band King Cardinal ( a few weeks ago. They are great people, making some great music. Check out the images and look into the music. 

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