David Alan Harvey: New York Workshop 2016

The beginning of June found me accepted into badass photographer, and all around super cool guy, David Alan Harvey's summer 2016 workshop in New York City. The workshop task was to create a photo essay (of our choosing) during the week we there. It would then be shown as a completed class project the last night of the workshop to a sampling of guests - from the world of photography to our very own friends and family. 

It's taken a while to blog about it. In part, because it's taken a while to process much of it. And, because I feel this is final. It's over now and I don't really want it to be. It was terribly challenging, and incredibly rewarding. I met some inspiring photographers, who continue to move me every day with the work they are sharing. The immersion into photography with my fellow students, David, his guests and his team was deep and bonding; and something I didn't want to leave behind. I'll be watching and I'm excited to see what they move onto and create. 

Below is my essay. I hope you enjoy it. 

"This Is Not My Town, But I Had A Good Time Anyways"

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