Dream: Chimney Choir Album Release Show 2016

I photographed Denver band, Chimney Choir, at the Mercury Cafe for the release of their new record "(dream)" last November (2016). The evening was... magical. Starting with Devotchka's Tom Hagerman Jazz Blues Explosion and comedians Nathan Lund and Mara Wiles as openers; the band, in conjunction with varied performance artists, put on a production with puppets, dancers, multimedia effects, gummy bears and just about anything else you could dream up. Visual, interactive and beautiful - the gallery below only touches on the wonder that was the evening. The show also was filmed by CPR's OpenAir in conjunction with CPT12 and later released on cpr.org and youtube

Chimney Choir are doing an encore preformance this April 21st (2017) again at the Mercury Cafe. So if you missed the first one, or want to catch it again, make preparations now.

Thanks and Enjoy.